Is it right for America to ask inthepentants[jenny choe]

I choose yes brcause they are going to bos people around.They are going to tell thrm to go to the war when they go have a war.Also they will take there money ad let them be pour and let them be rich.They are going to take America.I also choose yes because Britain are going to ask America to do every thing for them.they are going to tell them to do alot of things and America would want to go Britain.America is going to make a speech and say we don’t want to die for Britain we want to for America.Also America are never going to give up for Britain chaging them around.

One thought on “Is it right for America to ask inthepentants[jenny choe]

  1. In this essay I see what side you are on but I don’t see any evidence or things we talked about in class. When writing an essay always use the class notes and use the things we talked about. I want to know what important things the British wanted from America.

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